Update from Malawi

I also help the Evangelical Association of Malawi as trainer in church planting and I have been asked to go and help the churches in Zambia for a week.

Family Updates:

Jonathan: Jonathan is now back in school after being ill, he had missed classes for the whole week. He bounced back we do thank God.

Uchizi: She is such a hard working girl, we really thank God for she has always been top of the class. We give God the glory for her performance in school and also her desire to know more things about God.

Christopher: Chris will be sitting for entry exams to university very soon. He is busy preparing the exams; his desire is to do medicine.

Mwawi: She has been asked to help at an internet café run but one of our friends. She continues helping with university girls who come to our church.

Prayer Items:

Please pray for the following with us:

  • Thank God for healing Jonathan and also for sustaining us even when we had very little.
  • Pray for the selection process of people who we need to train as pastors for churches in the rural areas, ask God to help identify the people He wants trained.
  • Pray for me as I travel to Lusaka-Zambia end of this month to train pastor in Church Planting.
  • Pray for our financial situation it is really challenging even though God has always been there for us.
  • Pray for Christopher as he prepares for entry exams to university, it is hard in Malawi to get to university because politicians get involved.
  • Pray that as a family God will continue to use us for His glory.


NGVishoek: Ds. ( dominee ) Martin Barnard.